Coping with bad days

I had several off days this week. First, I had a job interview that did not go well. It was awkward. I felt as if they were not prepared to interview. They did not ask any questions other then "tell me about yourself". I don't even think they went over my resume that well. I … Continue reading Coping with bad days


Are you just going through the motions this holiday season? Are you doing things just for the sake of doing them? After all it is tradition. Or worse, are doing things just to please others so they will stop bothering you? After a loss, it is only natural to feel disconnected and empty. Nothing seems … Continue reading Reconnecting

Create a self care plan for the holidays

Life is full of stress and stress filled events. Suffering a loss is one of the most stressful times in a persons life. Add on top of that the holidays and you have the makings of intense stress. When you are under a tremendous amount of stress, you need to take time for self care. … Continue reading Create a self care plan for the holidays