Who I am


Ethel Jones – Life Coach


About Me

I am a widow who has been through major losses in my life. While going through the life changes due to loss, I wanted desperately to have someone who has experienced the same loss to talk with and guide me. My family and friends were a great support but did not have personal experience with loss due to death of spouse and all that it encompasses. That is why I became a life coach. I want to help people like me who have lost so much, rebuild a fulfilling life. 



Mission Statement

At Ethel Jones, Life Coach……

My mission is to help you move forward after loss with compassion, experience, and understanding. To guide you through the fog, equip you with resources so that you make choices for yourself and empower you as you rebuild a fulfilling life.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone who has gone through a loss or anyone who is a support system to a grieving person.

Loss is not limited to death

Have you lost your job? Not sure what you want to do next? Do you need someone to help you navigate the emptiness, the loss of self-worth and shock?

Or have you lost your sense of self and identity?

Do circumstances have you confused? Are you questioning everything you thought to be true? Have life events taken your sense of self and identity? Are you struggling with who you are?

Consider a life coach

Life coaching helps you navigate rebuilding your life after a loss and grief. Coaching also helps you gain clarity to help you move forward. As a life coach that has experienced loss due to death, loss of job and the loss of self-identity, I bring a level of compassion and understanding.


·         One on one coaching

·         Workshops

·         Webinars

·         Blog posts

·         Support

·         Resources

·         Follow up



It would be my honor to walk along side of you as you rebuild your life. 

Interested in coaching services? Follow this link for more details:  Coaching Packages




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