Coaching Packages

No two people are alike. Everyone is on their own path and has their own set of goals. Some individuals are at the beginning of their journey while others have started and stalled. Still others may be near completion and just need a little help to accomplish their goal. Therefore, I will meet you where you are and custom tailor our sessions to your needs.

The following packages are set up to help you achieve your desired outcome in a timely manner. However, you are in the drivers set. There are no contracts to sign. If you complete your goals sooner than the package you choose, then you are not under any obligation to continue with sessions. Or you may choose to continue with a new goal. And if it takes a little longer to get to where you are going, I can accommodate that as well. The following are basic outlines for the packages available.

Beginning package.

This package is designed for those who are just starting to rebuild their life after a loss. They may or may not know where they want to go on their journey. Together we can achieve clarity and start moving forward on your journey.

Moving forward package.

This package is for those who have clarity on the direction their life is heading but need assistance to get there. This package is an in-depth coaching experience where you use the basic skills you acquired during the beginner’s package. I will help you focus on your desired outcome.

Value Package

This package is designed for the person who needs clarity and wants assistance to get to desired outcome once they achieve clarity. It combines both the beginners package and the moving forward package. This package is designed to last 6 months or until you reach your desired outcome.

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