Mid year check in: How is it going?

Can you believe that we are half way through year? We have been on an exciting journey together. At the start of the year we reflected, examined and rediscovered. We made an action plan to live the life you were created to live. We began in the blog Are you ready for a reset? Resetting your life … Continue reading Mid year check in: How is it going?

Be mindful of the things you say

I have been focusing the last few blogs on the support system of the grieving. It is very important for the people who make up a support system to know how to support the grieving and recovery process. Today, we take a look at some common things you may say thinking it is helpful. It is … Continue reading Be mindful of the things you say

Are you a fixer? Four things you should know before you try to fix someone else

Today I want to address people who are part of the support system for others who have been through a major loss. We appreciate all that you do. Your love and support helps us during our most vulnerable time we will ever face. We know that you have a big heart and do what you … Continue reading Are you a fixer? Four things you should know before you try to fix someone else

A Day of Remembering

Memorial Day weekend is celebrated as the beginning of summer season. The school year is ending, the weather is getting hotter and the barbecue grills are being brought out for the first cookout of the season. This weekend people are heading to the lake, camp grounds or beach. Maybe you have a family reunion planned. … Continue reading A Day of Remembering

Help Wanted

Whether you are employed or unemployed searching for a job is no fun! The search is daunting to say the least. These days you have to really search to find help wanted advertisements. Employment opportunities are not just posted in the help wanted section of the newspaper. They are on job listings websites, the companies website … Continue reading Help Wanted

Get back up

A death, a relationship ending, a job loss, bankruptcy, a traumatic life altering event, all have the power to knock you down. Life tries to take you out. A crippling spirit paralyzes you. It takes your breath away. Any momentum you had has halted. You feel hopeless and alone. What do you do when you … Continue reading Get back up

More Encouraging Words

Hello readers, you may have noticed last week a post of encouraging memes. I am taking some time off from writing blogs but I want to leave you with uplifting messages. This is a temporary break so please keep returning. In the meantime, enjoy these memes. And please, if you have any questions or comments, … Continue reading More Encouraging Words