Coping with bad days

I had several off days this week. First, I had a job interview that did not go well. It was awkward. I felt as if they were not prepared to interview. They did not ask any questions other then “tell me about yourself”. I don’t even think they went over my resume that well. I was not given a job description and they did not offer any information about the job or the company. And to top it off, I was only there for 10 minutes!

Then I woke up from a dream about my husband. When I dream about him, he usually does not speak. He is just there and I am always happy to see him. In my dream I am always comforted by knowing that he is there. It feels like all is right with the world.

Then I wake up. And it is a bittersweet. I love dreaming about Richard. I look at those dreams as visits. I know he is in heaven and all is well. I know he still loves me. And all of that brings me joy and comfort. But I also feel sad. I miss him so much. Time will never erase that.

And to end my week, I got the call that of course I did not get the job. I was not surprised, especially after that awful interview. However, it still stung a little. Rejection of any kind stings.

How do you get through difficult times? There are many ways to cope with bad days. The following are just a few ideas.

  • Take a mental health day. Take the day off. Practice self care. Allow yourself this guilt free time to regain your peace and balance.
  • Write in your journal. There is a release that comes when you acknowledge your feelings on paper. In your journal you can express yourself without fear and judgement. It is between you and your journal. No one will give you unwanted advice or negate your feelings with statements such as, “that’s not true” and so on.
  • Find things to be grateful for. After acknowledging and expressing your feelings, find things to be grateful for. Write them down in your journal.
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath. Create your own spa day at home. Use your favorite products, put on some soothing music and slip into a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Put on your favorite lounging clothes. Wrap yourself in comfort.
  • Take a nap. If you did not sleep well the night before chances are you are not feeling yourself and nothing is going right. Give your self permission to take a nap. You will feel more refreshed after a 20 minute nap.
  • Enjoy your favorite comfort food. Allow yourself to indulge guilt free but in moderation. When we go over board we usually end up feeling bad physically and mentally which in turn creates another bad day. Do not get stuck in a bad day cycle.

So, how did I cope with having a bad week?

  • I let myself feel my emotions. I did not try to stuff my emotions nor did I try to fix my emotions. I simply felt my emotions.
  • I did not feel guilty for allowing myself to feel down. Instead I did things that brought me comfort. I wrapped myself in a warm blanket and watched movies.
  • I prayed and sought guidance. I talked to God about how I felt and asked for guidance.
  • I expressed my feelings. I told someone how I felt and how disappointed I was.

Finally, I did not allow myself to stay in those negative feelings. I have gained prospective and I feel great. I did not get that job but it is a blessing in disguise. Would I really want to work at a place that was not organized and ready to interview? And Richard is still a big part of life even though he is not here. His love will always be with me and one day I will see him again.

As always I welcome your feedback and questions. You can leave them in the comments below. If you like what you read let me know with a thumbs up.

Remember that you are not alone, I am here to walk along side of you.


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