Living the life you were created to live

You might have thought that the life you were created to live was over due to loss. Everything you worked so hard for is gone. Your hopes and dreams died along with the event that brought loss into your life. You might have felt stuck in a fog of nothingness. Afraid to even think about your hopes and dreams.

Then one day you noticed that the fog was not as thick. Your soul began to stir. The thought of what is next fluttered across your mind. Life as you knew it is gone but you are still alive. You know you can no longer stay in the place of nothingness. A sense of something more is spreading through your being.

And maybe, just maybe you came across a series about resetting your life in a blog. It intrigued you so you did the work, created the action plan. You rediscovered things about yourself that were buried in the past. Something that wasn’t right for the season you were living. Or maybe you discovered that the season you are currently living is rooted in the loss. You want to start taking control of your life instead of letting the circumstances control you.

The task looks monumental. It feels like you will never be able to accomplish all of it! There is so much work to be done. How do you do it? To quote Creighton W. Abrams, Jr., “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.”


Elephant and man

In other words, take small steps. Choose the one area that matters most to you and start there. Decide what the most important step is and do it. Then take the next step. Once you get started and momentum starts to build, add changes to other areas of your life.

What do you do if you can’t seem to make the change you desire? First of all You Don’t Give Up! Discover what the barrier is that keeps you from moving forward to the life you are created to live. Find a solution to overcome that barrier. Alter your action plan as needed. Remember that your action plan is like a road map, it can show you the way on paper but it won’t show you the obstacles and detours you may need to take to arrive.

If you are utterly stuck, you may consider getting help. Find a trusted friend or mentor to help guide you through the process. Remember that they are to guide you, not tell you what to do. You may be wondering why I put emphasis on guiding instead of advising? Advice is someone’s opinion on what you should do. It is there plan not yours. But if they guide you in discovering your plan, then it is made for you as it is made by you.

If you can’t find a friend or mentor to guide you, you may want to consider hiring a life coach. A life coach can help you discover the barriers holding you back, guide you to finding a solution and keep you on track as you implement your action plan.

Before long the small steps start adding up to big changes. Your life is becoming your own. You are creating the life you were meant to live for this season. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the life you are creating. Life is fluid and you are the paint brush used to create a master piece.

As always I welcome your feedback and questions. You can leave them in the comments below.

Remember that you are not alone, I am here to walk along side of you.


Interested in coaching services? Follow this link for more details:  Coaching Packages

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