Rediscover your beliefs and core values

What are your beliefs and core values?

After a major loss has occurred in one’s life, it is easy to lose sight of yourself, your beliefs and your core values. As you begin to recover from the shock and grief, you start to question everything you once knew and took for granted.

With the loss of my husband, I lost my purpose, dreams and life as I knew it. Everything changed and nothing would ever be the same. The things I once enjoyed left me feeling flat. I didn’t know who I was? It was the first time on my own. I went from my parents house to my husbands house. I was no longer a wife. But yet I wasn’t single. I was a widow and a widowed mother. But I did not know that person and I didn’t want to be that person. I became numb.

The next few years brought three more deaths in the family. I was still grieving my husband when my parents and brother died. (All at separate times) It took years to walk out of the fog and and I am still rediscovering my beliefs and core values.


What are core values?

They are the foundation of what you belief. Your core values are the rock in which you build your life upon. Your life is comprised of what you believe and value.

How do your core values influence your life and the choices you make?

Your beliefs and core values dictate your behavior. So then your beliefs and core values can either be positive or negative. Positive core values help you determine if you are on the right path to fulfilling your goals. Negative core values are bound by beliefs that the world is brutal and your are powerless to reach your goals.

Over the last few weeks, we have been on an expedition to uncover who you are and who you are becoming by looking at who you were. You have spent time reflecting and examining the details of your life. You have been taking notes on what you have discovered that will help you rediscover your beliefs and core values.

As you look over your notes do you see a theme emerging? What is the theme telling you? Can you pick out the describing phrases? Those phrases are your beliefs. What are your beliefs in each area of your life? Can you reduce the phrase down to a key word? The word that describe your beliefs are your core values.

Write down your key words for each category you listed on top of each page. What core values are emerging? Are there any surprises? Are they positive or negative? Do they line up with your goals? Are they working for you or do you need a change?

Can your beliefs and core values change?

Yes. Beliefs and core values stem from personal experiences and outside influences. The many different factors that influence our beliefs include:  our relationships (family, friends and coworkers), religion and spirituality, environmental, culture, media, government and even gender.

Our circumstances can influence our beliefs and values. When our circumstances, environment or influences change, so can our beliefs. We see this as we get older. The things we once valued no longer matter as we move into different stages of life.

That gives us hope that we can change negative beliefs into positive beliefs when we examine our values. You can work towards changing your beliefs and core values so that you can achieve your goals for a fulfilling life.

Finally, write down the values you would like to achieve under each category. Next week we will talk about how to reset your life to line up with your core values.

Please share any questions or comments you may have with us. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Remember that you are not alone, I am here to walk along side of you.


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