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My Story


I am so happy you stopped by. Let me introduce myself, I am Ethel Jones. I am a Life Coach and Advocate for those who have experienced loss and pain.

I thought I would start our journey together with some background information about me to help us get better acquainted. My story begins senior year in high school when a girl meets an older boy. It was love at first sight! I knew without a doubt I would spend the rest of my life with this man. As it turned out, he spent the rest of his life with me.

After a year and a half, we were married. In September of 1987, two became one. He was the love of my life. He was patient, kind and loving. We built a good life together that included my 3 wonderful stepchildren and a son we had together. Also included in our family was 2 dogs and one cat.

Our life together had many celebrations and challenges. We weathered financial storms, emotional turmoil and health issues. But together we were able to move forward and live a content, happy life. You could say that we lived our wedding vows:  for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health……..

Till death do we part. In August of 2005, after his second battle with cancer, my husband passed away. I was 38 years old and a widow. My son just turned 16. I was alone and afraid. How was I going to raise our son through his teenage years without his father? What was I going to do? I was a stay at home mom and wife. How was I going to support myself and my son? I was devastated and heartbroken. Life as I knew it ended.

I moved to be closer to family. Then in 2006 my mother went into a nursing home. A few months later we had to tell her that one of our brothers died. It was hard on her, on all of us.

In May of 2007 my mother passed away. Dad had taken such good care of her even in his failing health. While still trying to walk through the fog of grief myself, I was there for my dad. His health deteriorated and he passed away in December of 2009.

The 2000’s were a brutal decade to say the least! Somehow I kept moving, more like blindly stumbling, through the fog. One slow, painful step at a time. I found a job, started attending church and made friends. I helped with my parents and I raised my son. I pushed myself to do things that were out of my comfort zone.

I am an introvert and it is very hard for me to try new things on my own. But that is what I was. On my own, alone, widowed. But I kept moving forward. Eventually the fog became less dense. It wasn’t pretty. I made mistakes, had some meltdowns and some blow ups. I was a crazed women looking for something to make me whole and bring me joy.

Today I can say that the fog has lifted and I am very content with my life. It is not a perfect life. I still face challenges and I am still alone. Well, not completely alone. I carry the love my husband and I shared in my heart. And I have my children, grandchildren, a brother and a sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and two cats.  I have rebuilt my life and I can say that it is a good life.

I became a blogger and a Life Coach to help people like me, who have lost so much,  rebuild a fulfilling life. Remember that you are not alone, I am here to walk along side of you.



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