Hello and welcome to my website.

I thought I would start our journey together with some background information about me to help us get better acquainted. My story begins senior year in high school when a girl meets an older boy. It was love at first sight! I knew without a doubt I would spend the rest of my life with this man. As it turned out, he spent the rest of his life with me.

Go Rest High On That Mountain

In the memory of my husband Richard, I wanted to share his favorite song. When he was sick and going through treatment, he filled out the Five wishes form. One of his wishes was that we play this song at his funeral. Click on the link to listen. Go Rest High on that Mountain   … Continue reading Go Rest High On That Mountain

Anniversary Reaction

There are certain dates that we remember; birthdays, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, and maybe even your first date. Those are happy occasions filled with joy and celebration. Surprise parties are planned and given . We are surrounded by our friends and family. Or maybe we have a romantic evening for two or a weekend get away. … Continue reading Anniversary Reaction

Life doesn’t go as planned

In life, most things do not go the way we planned. The car won't start and you won't get to work as early as you planned. The family get together is not as joyful as you planned. Or one day you realize you have been working at dead end jobs and not pursuing your passion. … Continue reading Life doesn’t go as planned

Mid year check in: How is it going?

Can you believe that we are half way through year? We have been on an exciting journey together. At the start of the year we reflected, examined and rediscovered. We made an action plan to live the life you were created to live. We began in the blog Are you ready for a reset? Resetting your life … Continue reading Mid year check in: How is it going?

Be mindful of the things you say

I have been focusing the last few blogs on the support system of the grieving. It is very important for the people who make up a support system to know how to support the grieving and recovery process. Today, we take a look at some common things you may say thinking it is helpful. It is … Continue reading Be mindful of the things you say

Are you a fixer? Four things you should know before you try to fix someone else

Today I want to address people who are part of the support system for others who have been through a major loss. We appreciate all that you do. Your love and support helps us during our most vulnerable time we will ever face. We know that you have a big heart and do what you … Continue reading Are you a fixer? Four things you should know before you try to fix someone else

A Day of Remembering

Memorial Day weekend is celebrated as the beginning of summer season. The school year is ending, the weather is getting hotter and the barbecue grills are being brought out for the first cookout of the season. This weekend people are heading to the lake, camp grounds or beach. Maybe you have a family reunion planned. … Continue reading A Day of Remembering